Oregon Coast (with gifs!)

Cathy standing on the beach looking out at the ocean.

Happy weekend everyone! If you’ve been stuck inside during the past few gorgeous days here in the Pacific Northwest I’m sorry, but hopefully the photos from the Oregon Coast and my words can help you live vicariously through me and Cathy!

So I met a new friend when we were talking about potentially becoming roommates. We didn’t end up living together, BUT we are friends now and because we’re new friends had our first adventure on Thursday!! Cathy and I went out to the Oregon Coast! We went to Tillamook and got lunch at the Dutch Mill Diner, and then went searching for the Cape Meares Lighthouse. Oh my goodness did we get lost!! Google Maps led us down some weird backroads and then wanted us to go up a hill on a grass covered road. Nope, that’s how people die. “Oh look, a cute lil’ road, let’s see where it leads!!” *Enter serial killer* NOPE. We ended up turning around and stopping down the hill aways to take photos under a canopy of gorgeous trees!! How insanely pretty is this?!

Check out these gifs!!

Spinning under the trees!!
Skipping across the tree-covered lane!

Why did we stop? For the photo op!

After we stopped for photos and to take in the trees, Cathy and I continued looking for the best way to the lighthouse! A couple drove past us as we were leaving and asked if we needed help. At first we said no, and then thought better of it because we were actually lost. Lol. The couple gave us general directions to the lighthouse, which were a bust, so Cathy pulled out her phone and loaded the lighthouse into Apple Maps. And Eureka! Apple Maps for the win!! Cathy directed me to the lighthouse and less than 20 minutes later there we were!

The Cape Meares lighthouse is STUNNING. It’s the shortest on the Oregon coast, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive! The lighthouse and its nearby “Octopus Tree” (an octopus-shaped Sitka tree) are part of the Three Capes Scenic Drive. That full drive is on my list of trips to take!! The lighthouse was first lit on New Years’ Day, 1890 and its kerosene lens was considered one of the largest and most powerful of its time. This is called a Fresnel Lens. Read on for more information about this lens, because it’s really interesting and unique!!

Gif of clouds moving over the Cape Meares Lighthouse
Cathy leaning up against the Cape Meares Lighthouse

We hiked down to the lighthouse and back up, and WOW that was a hard af hike. We definitely should have gone up the way we came down…. oh, well. Hindsight. There are also viewers at the lighthouse so you can see far out on the water and further out on the coast! This lighthouse was just so cute and fun to hang out at, even for a little bit!!

Gif of Cathy popping up behind a viewer at the lighthouse.

Did you guys go to the beach?

Yes! Remember how I said Cathy and I drove around aimlessly because of Google Maps? Well, when we were on that drive we found an ADORABLE beach!!! It is part of Cape Meares Bay and was just beautiful! There were only a handful of people there and the tide was so far out that we walked several minutes to the water. Because I’m from California, I LOVE the water. But I’m kind of an anomaly because I can’t stand Southern California beaches. They’re too crowded and hot which is just uncomfortable for me. Growing up, we went to the beaches in Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz, so I’m partial to NorCal beaches and those that are colder. This means that I LOVE the Oregon Coast beaches! The cold, fresh breeze blowing through my hair and across my face takes me to a serene place.

Do you ever feel that way? Is there a place that just calms you inside and makes you feel truly at peace? This was one of those such places. It was amazing!!!!

As always, thanks for reading and I hope your Saturday is wonderful! If you have a father to celebrate with tomorrow, give them the biggest hugs (yes, you can do this over video chat) and make sure to tell them how much they mean to you!! If you’re looking for a last minute card, check out Paper Epiphanies!! They’re a super cute card company with the first flagship store in SE Portland!

If you’re interested in booking with me, shoot me a message through my contact page or on Instagram! I would LOVE to chat about making beautiful photos of you!! You can also book a session now if you’re ready and raring to go!!

xx Taryn

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