Happy weekend everyone! If you’ve been stuck inside during the past few gorgeous days here in the Pacific Northwest I’m sorry, but hopefully the photos from the Oregon Coast and my words can help you live vicariously through me and Cathy! So I met a new friend when we were talking about potentially becoming roommates. […]

Oregon Coast (with gifs!)

Cathy standing on the beach looking out at the ocean.

*some images NSFW* Hello everyone! Today I want to talk to you about studio photography, and this couples photography shoot with Kim and Mike! They were so wonderful to photograph, and are so attuned to each other that seeing them together was a joy. Kim and I have known each other for years, working together […]

Kim and Mike: Couples in B+W

Hi everyone! My name is Taryn Lewis! If you’re here, hopefully you’ve looked through some of my photography on social media or my website! If not, well I’m glad you’re here, and let’s get to know each other! I haven’t had a blog since college, so it’s been awhile! The last time I blogged, I […]

Hello & Welcome!

Taryn the photographer looking up at confetti falling around her.
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Taryn Sutherland Lewis